Yu-Chen’s Top 5 Travel Beauty Must-Haves

After years of flying between L.A., Singapore, and Taiwan—a circuit for business and family visits—It’s safe to say that our founder Yu-Chen Shih has mastered the art of in-flight beauty. Long-haul plane rides have taught her how to edit down her carry-on staples to just the non-negotiables: nothing more, and certainly nothing less.   

Below are her top five must-haves, plus why they’ve become beauty staples in her travel routine.  

1. Skin Inc Pure Deepsea Hydrating Overnight Mask

Airplane acne is a thing! I travel a lot and often find myself on long-haul flights, so the brutally dry air really does a number on my skin. Dehydration triggers sebum production, which could then result in breakouts, so the key is to keep your skin moisturized. Before I board a flight, I cleanse my face, apply my usual skincare routine, and then lock in all the nourishment with this deeply hydrating overnight mask. I keep this mask on for the entire duration of my journey and only wash it off when I return home or arrive at my hotel room.    

2. Orcé Cosmetics Come Closer Perfecting Setting Powder

This setting powder is a LIFESAVER in humid climates! I visit my family in Singapore and Taiwan every year and I’m often asked, “How do you look like this when we’re all melting?” After applying my makeup, I would gently press our setting powder onto my skin with a sponge, focusing on areas that tend to get shiny, then pick more product up with a fluffy brush and dust it all over. This typically keeps me looking fresh throughout the day, but I also carry it in my purse for touch-ups as needed.

3. evolvetogether KN95 Masks

Ever since I discovered evolvetogether’s masks, I can no longer settle for ugly, scratchy surgical masks. Their KN95 mask has become a permanent fixture in my carry-on—I usually wear one and keep a few on hand in case I need to replace it. They’re unbelievably comfortable and I love this gorgeous Santorini navy that resembles our brand color.  

4. slip Zippered Pillowcase

I received this as a holiday gift from one of my team members and it has forever changed the way I travel. I brought the silk pillowcase with me on my last trip to Taiwan and I emerged from my 14-day quarantine with seemingly better skin and hair. I slept better than I usually would while traveling and woke up every morning without creases on my face (I’m a side sleeper) or a frizzy bedhead.

5. Orcé Cosmetics Essentials Pouch

I designed this pouch as I was never able to find a makeup bag that not only looked cute but also perfectly sized for my essentials and easy to clean. The clamshell shape was inspired by our star ingredient, Tahitian pearl, and can comfortably accommodate our 30ml foundation bottle, setting powder, and several brushes or makeup sponges. My favorite part is the waterproof interior—messes or spills can easily be cleaned up with a damp towel.