How Contouring Can Look Natural

How to Achieve Natural-Looking Contour   

Think sculpted yet soft and subtle to create a nearly undetectable definition, even in daylight.  

Instead of using a cool-toned powder or ultra-pigmented cream contour, try using a natural-finish foundation that’s just a few tones deeper than your usual color. Doing so adds warmth and dimension back to your complexion—all while offering a near-undetectable touch of coverage, too.  

1. Choose a shade of Come Closer Perfecting Serum-Foundation that is 1-2 levels deeper than your skin tone (or your perfect shade match).


Sculpt with 040 Novae


Sculpt with 050 Kiko 


Sculpt with 060 Lura

2. Apply the foundation wherever you want to add depth and dimension—like the outer perimeters of the face, in the hollows (right beneath the cheekbones), and under the jaw.

3. Blend upwards using clean fingertips, a brush, or a dampened makeup sponge to create a subtle lift. Build as needed for added color and coverage.

4. Finish with Come Closer Perfecting Setting Powder to lock everything in place.