How Yu-Chen Celebrates Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is celebrated by many countries in Asia and each culture and household has their own traditions. Our founder Yu-Chen shared how her family brings in the New Year in Taiwan!


"We start Lunar New Year’s Eve off by making dumplings as a family."

"We offer food to our ancestors and then sit down for our reunion dinner after they eat. It is a Confucian belief for elders to eat first as a sign of respect."


 "Our reunion dinner table is always full of the most delicious food made by my mom and uncles!"


 "A whole chicken is essential to Taiwanese New Year dinners as chicken in Taiwanese dialect sounds like “home”. It is a tradition for the oldest male in the family to take the first bite of the chicken."


"On Lunar New Year’s day, as a family we go to the temple to pray for good health, safety, new opportunities, and a smooth sailing year."

"It isn’t Lunar New Year without passing out the “hong bao” or lucky envelopes to both children and pets!"

  Happy Lunar New Year! Excited to see what 2022 has in store!