The Story of Orcé

Orcé Cosmetics was born out of a marriage of passions — for helping women see their own beauty and for shining the spotlight on today’s powerful Asian women in the global community. Orcé’s mission is to create a world where all Asian women feel empowered, valued and confident.

Seeing the blank space that exists between K-beauty/J-beauty brands and mainstream American/European beauty houses, Founder Yu-Chen Shih created Orcé as a solution for Asian women all over the world who find themselves having to compromise when it comes to makeup style and suitability. Specially formulated to meet the unique demands of Asian skin, Orcé is a high-performance makeup line that combines precious, skin-loving ingredients with breakthrough technology.

A fusion of Eastern skincare philosophy with Western artistry, Orcé provides a voice for global Asian women who have a discerning point of view and are poised to make their indelible mark on the world.

We are smart. We are strong. We are unstoppable. We are a culture of our own, and we deserve a brand that celebrates us. Orcé is this brand.