Why Non-Comedogenic is Non-Negotiable For Asian Skin

So, we’ve all heard that non-comedogenic makeup is the way to go – from our trusted dermatologist, to our Asian mother, to our skincare-obsessed friend. But have we ever been told why? After a while, the term starts to feel like just another one of those beauty buzzwords – and you might not even know what it actually means.

Comedogenic comes from the word comedones, which is just another way to say clogged pores. If a product or ingredient is comedogenic, that means that it has a tendency to clog pores, which almost always leads to breakouts. 

For Asian skin, this is especially dangerous, as it’s proven to be oilier than other skin types due to a higher number of oil glands. This makes us extra-prone to pore clogging and enlargement, which in turn leads to breakouts and acne (yay). Our skin is also more sensitive and easily irritated by certain topical agents. That’s why it’s so important to always be aware of the ingredients that are going into your products, and to choose gentle, quality makeup and skincare essentials. And of course, they have to be non-comedogenic. 

In order to be officially labeled as non-comedogenic, products are subject to a month-long test by dermatologists. Participants use the product every day for the entirety of the test, and are evaluated for the development of any comedones, blackheads, or acne during usage. At Orcé, we believe this is the most credible way to determine whether a product is truly non-comedogenic. So, when a makeup product has that official non-comedogenic label, it’s confirmation that the product will not clog pores or cause acne. You can rest assured that it’s been clinically tested and verified under dermatological control in order to pass the test. 

So if your favorite products don’t feature that non-comedogenic label, well… maybe it’s time to find a new favorite. It’s extremely likely that using them could be contributing to your skin woes. Well-formulated, thoughtful products should be made with ingredients that help the skin in the long run, rather than simply cover up or even worsen any issues. 

That’s why we’re so proud to declare the Come Closer Skin-Perfecting Foundation as non-comedogenic. It’s made with ingredients of unparalleled quality, like Tahitian pearls, which brighten skin and fade dark spots (you can read more about them here) and Evodia Rutaecarpa, which improves skin’s texture. It’s also completely oil-free. While oils do make amazing hydrators, and trans-epidermal water-loss is so common in Asian skin, they do tend to be heavier and more likely to clog pores. Instead, we rely on a clinical level of hyaluronic acid – not only is it a powerful hydrator, but it also helps strengthen our thin stratum corneum - the skin’s protective barrier.

When you choose good-for-skin, non-comedogenic makeup, the difference you see really is undeniable. Trust us, it’s worth it. Your skin will thank you.