Ask an MUA: Sponge or Brush?

When it comes to makeup, application technique is almost as important as the products themselves. If a product isn’t working for you, sometimes the trick is as simple as switching up the way you apply it. We chatted with Tiffany Lee, makeup artist and friend of Orcé, and asked her all the questions you need answered about application techniques. 


Let’s start with the brush. What are the PROs and CONs of applying a product like foundation or powder?

PROs: Depending on the type of brush, you are able to reach a larger surface area at once while applying foundation or powder.   

CONs: Not all brushes are the same – size, density, material, and quality varies. So results can be inconsistent, and sometimes it’s hard to accurately apply and get even coverage. Some brushes can also leave streaks and lines after application.

What are the PROs and CONs of using a sponge?

PROs: A sponge definitely offers better product control and placement. The result looks more like second-skin and the product typically absorbs more evenly. There is also a more consistent outcome when using a sponge. Makeup sponges help blend your makeup seamlessly without leaving streaks.

CONs: The only con is really that a sponge can be a bit tedious to clean. It’s harder to get the foundation out and may need multiple washes to start fresh.

What are your tips for applying foundation with a sponge?

I personally like to have my sponge dampened to achieve a hydrated, natural finish for my foundation. I also feel that it allows better absorption of product to the skin. When your makeup sponge is damp, it absorbs less product, so you can use less foundation to get an even application.

What are your tips for applying powder with a sponge?

When it comes to powders, I like to use the narrow, flat surface and the point of the sponge to get a more accurate, controlled application and only set the areas I need to. 

Our new sponge has a few different edges and angles. How do you use them when applying foundation vs powder?

I like to use the fuller, rounded part to apply foundation to the forehead and cheeks, and then I’ll go back in with the narrow point for hard-to-reach or more delicate areas of the face (like the under eyes, nose, around the mouth, etc). I love the flat angle side for a perfect, creaseless finish with Orce’s Perfect Setting Powder.

What makes the Perfecting Makeup Sponge different from others on the market?

I love that this is a universal tool to use for your entire face. I personally like that it feels super soft and flexible, but it’s enhanced with the flat side for a true multi-functional use that works great with powder formulas. 


Ready to find your most natural finish? Our new Perfecting Makeup Sponge is finally here. The ultra-plush sponge marries edgeless and edged sides to become the most versatile tool in your makeup bag. Its water drop shape features a slanted edge that allows for ergonomic application to tighter areas. Ideal for applying, blending, and contouring, it makes for an easy application and delivers a seamless, second-skin finish.