Are Silicones Actually Bad for Your Skin?

Silicones. Such a common ingredient in the beauty world, but over the past few years, they seem to have become a bit taboo. These days, we read “silicone-free” on a product we’ve been eyeing, and breathe a sigh of relief. But, what exactly are we so afraid of? 

Don’t get us wrong – it’s smart to exercise caution when it comes to your skin. Especially for Asian complexions, which tend to be extra sensitive. We should always be informed on everything that in the products we use. But to us, speculation against silicones seemed to be just that – speculation. And personally, we’ve always loved the slip and silky feel silicones add to products. So we had to know, once and for all: are silicones actually bad for your skin?

First Thing’s First. Exactly What Are Silicones Anyway?

Silicones are a combo of oxygen, silicon, and other elements that goes through a chemical processing in order to be used in beauty products. We found that this seems to be where most of the skepticism surrounding silicones come from. Many assume that because they’re synthetically made, they must have negative effects – but that’s just not the case. 

Why Are Silicones Used in Beauty?

Silicones have unique fluid properties which create that dreamy slip we love so much in our beauty products, allowing them to glide on and settle onto skin like silk. Silicones also enhance the deposition of products over skin, for an even, smooth application – which is why they tend to be the star ingredient in makeup primers. If you’ve noticed your foundation accumulating in certain areas – around your nose for example – you probably want to incorporate silicones into your beauty routine.

What Can Silicones Do For Asian Skin?

Asian skin has its own unique set of concerns – like sensitivity, water-loss, redness, and vulnerability to environmental pollutants. One of the biggest draws to silicones is their amazing ability to retain moisture and protect skin, acting as a barrier that only lets in “active” ingredients, while everything else remains on the surface. Studies have also shown silicones to be helpful in reducing redness and irritation, making them an all-around amazing choice for Asian complexions.

But Doesn’t It Clog Pores?

Remember that protective barrier we just mentioned? It might sound like something that could threaten to suffocate skin, but in fact, it does the opposite. The cool thing about silicones is that they evaporate so quickly, they don’t ever actually penetrate the pore lining. Instead, they form a super breathable barrier that enhances skin’s texture, while hardly even being felt. There have been countless studies that clear silicones as non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and biologically inert. 

So, now that we’ve thoroughly educated ourselves on silicones, we can confirm that the rumors are not, in fact, true. Even though they might not be natural, they’re still incredibly beneficial – not just for beauty products, but for skin itself. Silicones can solve so many skin woes, it’d be a miss not to incorporate into your beauty routine. You’ll notice the difference immediately with a foundation like Come Closer Skin Perfecting Foundation, which provides buildable, breathable coverage that’s nearly undetectable on skin. And if you’re afraid that silicone-based products are difficult to remove, don’t be – our foundation comes off easily by double cleansing skin with a makeup remover and your go-to cleanser. Give it a try, and don’t forget to tell us what you think.