Orcé Cosmetics x A Place Called Home

Beloved friends,


Before I started my company, I was a volunteer tutor for homeless children in shelters from Inglewood to Santa Monica. My students were predominantly Black and came from disenfranchised communities, where many of them (and their families) were stuck in vicious cycles of poverty. The lack of a stable environment, coupled with an underfunded school district, made it almost impossible for these children to ever break out of this cycle. I witnessed first-hand the product of systemic racism. 


There’s a HUGE opportunity gap that needs to be closed - because I believe that given equal opportunities, all children can succeed. In order to provide disadvantaged communities with opportunities that can help them break the shackles of systemic racism, we need to make quality education accessible to all. 


A Place Called Home (APCH) is a non-profit organization serving the youth and families of South Central LA. They are dedicated to helping at-risk children and teenagers improve their economic conditions through educational support in the form of one-on-one tutoring, enrichment courses, comprehensive college prep, and a scholarship fund that is currently supporting the college education of 100 students. To prepare for the upcoming school year, APCH is raising funds for their Backpack to School program, which helps to supply 1,200 children with a new backpack filled with essential school supplies.

To help set these youth up for success, we will be hosting a 3-day-long flash sale from Friday, July 24th to Sunday, July 25th and a portion of all proceeds will be donated. 


Join forces with us in our fight for equality. Thank you so much for your support.