2023 Forecasts (ft. Chinese Zodiac Signs)

Curious to know how the Year of the Rabbit will be?

We are bringing to you 2023's luck based on the Chinese zodiac signs, featuring predictions from Hong Kong’s celebrity Feng Shui consultant Mak Ling Ling. 


Although Rats are in conflict with Tai Sui* this year, you’re blessed with a lucky star that helps to smooth things over. As the most popular sign of the year, expect recognition at work and great relationships with superiors. This is also a year of romance and socializing for Rats, but beware of illicit affairs and jealousy. Watch your wallet and take care of your health, especially your reproductive system.


Oxen - you are truly on your own this year. Without any lucky stars, you will only reap what you sow - skip the casino and focus on career achievements. Be extra cautious with actions and words. Those planning on a drastic image transformation may find that not all are able to accept their new selves. Before embarking on a trip, make sure to check the local weather and crime situation. It’s also a good idea to purchase travel insurance.


This is a year of new beginnings for Tigers. Those who got married last year can expect another joyous year, while those who experienced breakups or separation are advised to let go of the past and moving on. Watch out for minor health issues and insomnia caused by excessive worrying. Set realistic goals this year. Also, showing more concern toward the elders in your family could help to boost the luck in your home. 


This year, Rabbits are in direct conflict with the guardian deity of Tai Sui*, so you should be prepared for a few (or many) bumps along the road. You can try improving your luck with auspicious events such as getting married, starting a family, buying property or setting up a new business. If you’re single, new relationships are in store for you this year but they’re mostly short-lived. Married Rabbits can expect more conflicts with their partners than usual. This is a good year to further your studies or training to boost your value in the workplace. Watch your health and beware of injury by metals.


Dragons are one of the signs in conflict with Tai Sui* this year. Although your luck generally remains the same, expect more challenges with interpersonal relations this year. Single Dragons stand a high chance at meeting a romantic partner, while married Dragons should watch out for family drama. This year, Dragons will be helped by male guì rén**, so those working in typically male-dominated industries will thrive. Your health will be fine with the exception of minor issues.


Snakes are emerging from the negativity of the past year and blessed by a lucky star. You will attract dynamic wealth this year, so go on more business trips; even traveling for leisure can boost your luck at work. Your luck with romance isn’t exceptional this year, but you may see improvements in your interpersonal relationships. If you find yourself feeling lonely or depressed, spend some time out in nature to recharge.


Although Horses are slightly in conflict with Tai Sui* this year, you have a lucky star that helps to boost your overall fortune. Expect relationship complications this year, so avoid immersing yourself in your new partner’s social circle too early on. Money comes in slowly this year, so don’t count on short-term returns. Special care should be taken when communicating with people, especially in the workplace.


Sheeps, this is overall a great year for you! It is also a year of prosperous wealth, so you are encouraged to make greater leaps at work and greater risks in investing. This is a year of progression, meaning there is a chance for a raise or promotion. If you’re single, there will be many opportunities for you to meet romantic partners this year; the only obstacles you need to overcome are your lack of initiative and your love of alone time. If you’re married, your relationship with your other half is ideal and you’ll find yourself gaining a deeper understanding of them this year. No big issues with your health, but be extra careful when participating in water activities.


Monkeys - you have finally crawled out from the bad luck of fàn Sài Suì* in the year of the Tiger. This year, you have two lucky stars - one representing power and the other representing guì rén** (benefactors). However, since your lucky stars are mainly supporting your career, your luck in money/wealth and romance are lacking. Expect a full social calendar this year, so be wary of overindulgence and overcommitment.


Roosters, you are in conflict with Tai Sui*, so get mentally prepared for a year of solo battle. You have no lucky stars this year, so you’re on your own. You are at risk of accidents and injury this year, so be extra careful and make sure you get a thorough physical examination as soon as possible. If you’re single, there are opportunities for romance but don’t expect anything long lasting. You may experience the itch to switch jobs or start your own business, but this is not the year for making big moves.


Dogs are in harmony with Tai Sui* this year, but things can be pretty extreme. Some of you may face new business opportunities, get married, have children, or purchase properties, while others may be affected by negative impacts to your home life and career. Take care of your mental health, set realistic goals and take care of your health.


This will be a much smoother year than the last for Pigs. Even if you experienced drastic changes in your life last year, the year of the Rabbit will allow you to reset and start anew. You’re quite the social butterfly this year, but don’t get caught up in gossip and drama - maintain a low profile and keep your opinions to yourself. If you’re in a relationship, things will progress in a stable manner. Pay attention to your digestive health. 


*Tai Sui: In Chinese astrology, when the Chinese zodiac cycle circles back to your animal sign at ages 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 and (hopefully) 84, 96 and 108, you’ll be in conflict with the deity Tai Sui (also known as fàn tài suì), a superstition that believes you’ll have a bumpy, unlucky year ahead.
**Guì rén: Also known as a benefactor. In Chinese, this refers to someone who gives you a hand when you really need it or is of great help to your life.